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15memories is a prompt community founded on August 28, 2008, by chinesetakeout & route337. The purpose is to write fifteen memories considered 'Firsts' or 'Lasts,' depending upon which you choose. The 'Firsts' are considered happier topics, while the 'Lasts' are considered sadder. If you wish to write both firsts and lasts, there is a mixed called 'Memories.'

The rules are simple so keep up with them.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, feel free to contact a mod.

The Guidelines are,


1) Join the community first, please!
2) If a story is R and/or NC17, please lock it.
3) Stories do not have to be written in order, but new stories are a must. If a story is in chapters, lt you are allowed to use some to create a multi-chapter, or you can simply have it in as many parts as you want.
4) There are no set claims. Write whatever pairing you please.
5) Finish one prompt set before moving on to another.
6) Remember that this is a firsts and lasts community. All stories must be a first or last memory. (Example: First kiss, first smile. Last goodbye, last morning together.) The 'Firsts' are the happy memories, and the 'Lasts' are the sad memories. If you want to write both sad and happy, then 'Memories' is for that.
7) When posting your fics, use the form below. When tagging your fic, please tag with the bands/solo artists involved, the pairing and the prompts that you're using [Firsts, Lasts, Memories]. Ex: kai/reita, gazette, lasts. Alphabetize the pairing. 'K' comes before 'R,' so keep it in order. This is to prevent multiple tags of the same pairing.

Suggested subject title: Prompt - Pairing - Title.

Chapter (if it is a multi-chaptered story)
Word Count: (optional)

8) If you want to use a fake cut, do not fake cut to a locked entry. You can lock the entry on your personal journal, but then directly post the fic on the community, and lock that for members only.
9)We're pretty low pressure here - as long as you're posting at least once every three months, you have an unlimited amount of time to finish.
10) Play nice and have fun!

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